Originating on the University of South Carolina campus, a team of dedicated students have come together to create natural, organic soap products. As a subsidiary of Sustainable Carolina, our brand, Naturally Carolina, strives to provide healthy, all-natural products that help keep your skin clean and moisturized. We are Certified South Carolina grown, so when you buy our product, you are helping the local economy!

Sustainable Carolina was created in 2008 to promote sustainability on USC’s campus. Students involved in Sustainable Carolina have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience by volunteering to assist Naturally Carolina in the manufacturing process. We sell our soaps at local farmers markets and will soon be in stores around Columbia. A portion of the profits go to help the Sustainable Carolina program.

How our soap is made:

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Environmental sustainability measures a system’s ability to maintain itself over time. As the concept of “Green Living” continues to gain in popularity, the world has begun using more natural resources than ever. Using the recycled waste of vegetable oils, our soaps are created by harnessing glycerin from biodiesel.


Unlike many large corporations that use unnatural chemicals and harsh additives, we stand to make sure that our customers’ health is always a priority.

At Naturally Carolina, we will never use any unnatural fragrances or dyes. All materials are completely organic and safe for your skin. You could probably eat our soap, but it is not suggested.

About the Founder:

Tom Syfert, Director Environmental Health & Safety at the University of South Carolina, founded Naturally Carolina in 2008. A graduate of Purdue University, Syfert joined the USC faculty in 2003. Combining his love for students and sustainability, Syfert has been teaching sustainability courses at USC for the past eight years.